What to Look For When Hiring an SEO Company in Pakistan

Search Engine Optimization – the key to connecting with your relevant audience in the online world 

This is the digital era, and as a business owner, you require SEO to lift your brand’s online visibility and growing it. For this purpose, you will definitely require the long-term, fruitful services of an expert…which brings us to today’s topic i.e: “What to look for when hiring an SEO company in Pakistan

While looking for the right SEO company in Pakistan, you need to consider a number of important factors. Let’s discuss some of the essential aspects:


There are a number of SEO agencies out there offering a range of services from SEO to PPC. Now some of these agencies have multi-skilled teams whilst others focus on one or two specific skill sets such as digital consulting or social media management. What do you require? Remember that as a new business in the online world, the best approach is to go for multi-skilled teams because your business will require a variety of strategies, to begin with.


Experience and methodology are the guarantees of a company’s performance. Have a look at their portfolio and see if they can actually bring you the stats and performance they are claiming to. 

Reviews/ Testimonials: 

Testimonials and reviews are extremely important. You need to see that this company’s previous results align with your company goals. What was the conversion rate, visitor count, social shares, etc? All in all, you need to see how satisfied your selected company’s prior clientele is. 

Client Communication: 

As Earl Sweatshirt says, “miscommunication is the no. 1 cause of all problems”. For your selected SEO company in Pakistan, client communication is crucial. At SEO Boost, we take extensive measures to make this communication comfortable and convenient. How so? We avoid using industry jargons to explain the idea to you. 

Let me give you an example, instead of saying that a website ‘lacks an XML sitemap’, we explain that this file is like a website’s resume which summarizes the contents of your web page….and for your website’s ranking, this specific file needs to be put up.

Timeline and Cost Structure: 

Here’s the catch: SEO is an ongoing process which means it takes several months to deliver expected outcomes. It’s not possible to give a specific timeline and cost structure in the beginning. If an SEO company provides you with a time limit, avoid it right away. Some companies offer results in 10 days, for instance. Why am I saying to avoid it? Because realistically, it is not achievable especially for new businesses.

Link Building Approach:
The land of SEO is one that’s constantly adapting and evolving. So you need to discuss what building approach your selected company is planning to implement in your case. Some of the most practical methods include brand mentions, online profiles, internal linking, and broken link building.

Reporting Method: 

Another important aspect to consider is how often they report. It could be a week, a month, or 3 monthly. For an SEO-based company, usually, the reporting schedule is on a per month basis. So if you need to keep track more often than that, discuss beforehand.

Apart from these aspects, you also need to consider their success parameters, case studies, and work plans. 

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