SEO Career in Pakistan

Are you planning to start your career in SEO and digital marketing but confused about its options and future scope in Pakistan? Well you have come to the right place. In this article we will cover this topic in detail.

What background or degree is required to become a successful career in SEO?

There is no such requirement if you want to choose SEO as career. You just need to know the basics of the internet, website and search engines. However, students from computer science always have an edge because advanced SEO topics like technical SEO needs sound knowledge of website development principals, web servers knowledge and best practices of coding. Similarly if you have a background in marketing it is also very helpful.

SEO Opportunities in Pakistan

SEO is one of the fastest growing field in Pakistan and every month there are hundreds of SEO jobs posted in Karachi and all over Pakistan.
Almost every software house, SEO company, marketing agency and IT company has SEO vacancies so you just need to check job sites and company websites to get the latest job alerts.

SEO Scope and earning potential in Pakistan

-With experience of 1-3 years you can get a well paying job from 50k-100k
-If you are a skilled SEO professional you can do freelancing on different platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and freelancer.
-You can start your own ecommerce sites and rank them on search engines to earn good profit.
-You can start your own blogs and affiliate marketing website to promote affiliate offers.

SEO Salaries in Pakistan(PKR)

SEO Intern:
Experience ( Fresh – 6 months)

SEO Executive:
Experience ( 1-2 years)

Senior SEO:
Experience ( 2-4 years)

SEO Team lead
Experience ( 4-6 years)

SEO Manager:
Experience ( 6-12 years)

Specialization in SEO:

Based on your area of interest you can specialize in following specific areas of SEO:
-On-page SEO Specialist
-Link building expert
-Web Analytics expert
-Local SEO expert
-Ecommerce SEO specialist
-SEO outreach expert

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