Advanced Link building Strategies to Test in 2023

Link building is one of the most important aspects of any SEO campaign and with the evolving nature of SEO and harsh Google policies link building is becoming more and more challenging. In this post we will discuss some of the smartest link building strategies which are working well.

Contextual link building:

Also known as editorial link building, this method of link building is evergreen. You can build good authority to your website with this kind of links easily, but in recent years Google has been actively penalizing websites that are excessively using this technique. Links acquired through this method ae built commonly with guest posts and niche edits.

Tips to acquire safe and penalty proof contextual links:

-Website traffic:
Always check website traffic where you want to place your link. If a website is not getting organic traffic this could be a negative signal so you should skip such sites.
Linked domains:
If a website is giving thousands of external links to every kind of website it must be avoided. You should always look for sites which don’t give thousands of external links to every kind of website. Generally such sites are paid guest post farms.
-Topical Relevance:

It is always best to secure links from sites which are in the same niche. For example if your website is related to home décor you should get links from sites which have content on interior design décor, furniture etc.
-Content Quality:
Check if the content of the website is unique and created by any reputable content writing service. Most PBNS which offer low quality guest post are made of spun content and can get you penalised.

Broken Link building

This is one of the toughest link building methods as it takes a lot of time and effort but if you do it right it can get you some great links. You just need to be smart in finding bokeh links and outreaching to websites. You can use different tools like Ahrefs for finding broken links opportunities.

HARO Link building

HARO (Help a reporter out) is a great tool for securing some high quality links. Although it takes a considerable time to get links from this method, it’s worth doing.
How it works:
-Signup as source on HARO.
-Subscribe to daily email in different categories
-Check HARO emails and send your pitches with your bio and link
-If your pitch will be accepted you will get link from a high quality publication

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